How to know what “fear” is telling you to do in your life

Today I get to “unveil” my gorgeously redesigned website!

For me, this upgrade of my online “look” is a representation of so many areas of growth and expansion happening behind the scenes.  And the thing is, when you begin to step forward in life, to shine your light brighter and to touch more people’s lives…there can often surface a lot of fear.

Or, well, I was calling it fear until I dug a little deeper and saw what it really was instead.

About a week ago, a woman emailed me inquiring about my upcoming course

In the middle of her message, she wrote “I hope I’ll have the courage to go forward and join you for your course.” 

At first I was caught by the wording she used.  But I quickly understood exactly what she meant.  She was right.  It did require courage to step more boldly into a bigger version of who you are.  I’m deeply understanding that in my own life right now as well.

So, I’ve made a video sharing how to know what your fear is telling you to do in life.  Click here to check it out (if you are reading this via email)!


Please share this video with your community…there may be other moms and women who could benefit from it! Thank you!


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  1. Lorrie D Avatar
    Lorrie D

    What a blessing. Something I’ve never heard before and VERY thought provoking. I deal with self-doubt and fear and this is a new view I need to explore. Need to let it sink in. Do you have a link to the article/resource?

  2. Lisa!

    Loved waking up to this.

    Yirah! I will use that word and tell all who will care to hear. What a great distinction. I’ve experienced it with my own world lately and have gotten better over the years at understanding it to be that – awe – on the presipice of something amazing.

    The only way to get better is to consistently do that which scares us, and little by little we realize fears are shadows and yirah is really saying “Go ye forth and multiply” [ideas, goodness, however you see it].

    Love it

  3. Ruth Ann Avatar
    Ruth Ann

    I am afraid of the lack of air that often accompanies fear and increases a sense of panic, but you have invited us to see the awe in fear as a time for deep, slow, thoughtful breath-taking that leads to creating something new. I loved the idea that what feels like fear might actually be related to being contained in too small a space or newly uncomfortable in a space that may hold and be more. There is fear in change even though it is often not about where change will take us but the process of getting there.

  4. Ruth Ann Avatar
    Ruth Ann

    ps … CONGRATS on the website, lisa!

  5. Love your new site design!

  6. I do like the new look of your site! And I agree with your message: any kind of feelings need to be interpreted depending on what’s going on around and within you, not just arbitrarily given a meaning.

  7. Your site looks great.

    I have sure experienced this fear, very recently, as soon as I made the decision to move forward in my life in a couple areas-studying once again and beginning a blog. Once the decision was made I began to experience significant fear/anxiety, insomnia, etc. I needed to push through it for three days and then it lifted. I chose to start telling people straight away about my new intentions to prevent me from backing away because of the fears and negative self-talk I was experiencing.

    Because I am on a steep learning curve and purposely stepping out without having “my act all together” I do have moments of fear about being judged, etc. However, I know that it is time for me to grow in these areas and I will continue forward baby step by baby step.

  8. What a beautiful message, Lisa. Thank you so much for sharing! I am getting ready to become a health coach myself through IIN and this was exactly what I needed to hear at this moment. This is something that I have wanted to do for so long, but suddenly now that I have enrolled in the program and started on this path I have found myself feeling what I thought was fear. After watching your video I know I am just in awe of the work I was meant to do. Thank you. 🙂

  9. […] you have about 7 or 8 minutes of time, there’s a video over at Well Grounded Life explaining this trembling & quaking called fear.  Sometimes, […]

  10. Brilliant! This changes also how I think of the expression “fear of God”. It’s the ‘awe’ fear, not the ‘I’m in trouble’ fear! This video comes at a critical point for me, when I’m facing this ‘awe’ fear in a critical life choice, and I thank you for sharing! And yes – LOVE the new look!

  11. This has completely changed my thinking around fear that I feel. Completely. Thank you. Keep up the amazing work. Love the new site.

  12. Just want to congratulate you are your depth of knowledge. I admire your wisdom and your open heart! I come up with so many ideas and my cup is full to the brim pouring out and feeling constricted because I have yet to put these ideas out there but as the years go by I watch my ideas, designs, fall into the lap of ones who actually persue their enlighten dreams where I tend to give them away or hold back! I feel your video opened my mind to what I have been doing to myself! I don’t feel bitter as the ideas don’t dissipate but Now that i’am aware of yirah – it makes sence to me! By creating – you are adding to your own evolution and that’s exactly what we are here for! I am inspired by your courage.By Honoring yourself and knowing yourself has been a beautiful gift to us all! Thank-you! For steping out there and realizing your potential to assist in helping others! Good-luck! Looking forward to more deep, spiritual guidance!

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