Today I get to “unveil” my gorgeously redesigned website!

For me, this upgrade of my online “look” is a representation of so many areas of growth and expansion happening behind the scenes.  And the thing is, when you begin to step forward in life, to shine your light brighter and to touch more people’s lives…there can often surface a lot of fear.

Or, well, I was calling it fear until I dug a little deeper and saw what it really was instead.

About a week ago, a woman emailed me inquiring about my upcoming course

In the middle of her message, she wrote “I hope I’ll have the courage to go forward and join you for your course.” 

At first I was caught by the wording she used.  But I quickly understood exactly what she meant.  She was right.  It did require courage to step more boldly into a bigger version of who you are.  I’m deeply understanding that in my own life right now as well.

So, I’ve made a video sharing how to know what your fear is telling you to do in life.  Click here to check it out (if you are reading this via email)!


Please share this video with your community…there may be other moms and women who could benefit from it! Thank you!