Shift into Spring #4 – Move

Shift into Spring #4 – Move

How are you feeling?  Lighter, calmer? Let’s keep it going!

Our 4th shift in this series is about creating spaciousness in our body.

As the weather makes its transition into warmer and longer days, it’s really the perfect time to get outside and take a daily walk.

What if you committed just 10 minutes a day for the remainder of the week to get outside and take a brisk walk in the fresh air?

I’m willing to bet you’ll feel a huge difference not only in your body, but also your emotional and mental well-being. Walking gives openness and space for our emotions to process through our body instead of being stuck and stored in tense muscles. It also is a phenomenal way to give movement and flow to our thoughts which can feel heavy and muddy after a dark, cold winter.

Need a quick recap?

1. Hydration
2. Greens
3. Epsom salt baths (or shower skin scrubs)
4. Short walk outside (shoot for at least 10 minutes)

We’re on a roll now!

Here’s to blue skies, laced up sneakers and open horizons,


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