{This is Day 3 of the Spring Cleansing Series}

In my cleansing guide, I outline 10 different types of cleansing.  They are on a spectrum ranging from least restrictive to most cleansing.

It is important to have options as you decide on what cleanse is right for you because there is simply no “one size fits all” cleanse and personalizing your experience will be the key factor in your success on the cleanse.

Here are 4 questions that will help you determine which is the right cleanse for you…right now.

1.  Where are you starting from?

Take an honest look at your diet right now. This isn’t about making you feel badly, but about knowing what is realistic and how much change you want to take on during your cleanse.

If you are eating a lot of processed foods, feel strong sugar cravings throughout the day, rely heavily on caffeine, eat fast food regularly or lack fresh foods daily you’ll want to be honest about how far to shift your diet during your first cleanse.

Think about where you are and then choose a cleanse that takes you a couple “steps” toward the more cleansing side of the spectrum.

2. What season are you in?

Catering your cleanse to the season you are in makes a lot of sense.

  • You can choose foods that are naturally fresh and in harvest.
  • You can target the organs that most need nourishment during that particular season.
  • You can honor your own body’s seasonal needs and natural cycles.

For example, in the colder months of winter, the climate draws heat and moisture out of our body– leaving us cold and dry.  It is important to replenish that warmth and moisture in the foods we eat.

If you are cleansing in the winter you will want to choose a cleanse that incorporates warmth and moisture– perhaps one that emphasizes soups.  Cleanses in the spring and summer would indicate a larger emphasis on raw foods.

3. How much focus can you reserve for your cleanse?

The great likelihood is that you can not check out of life for a week and focus exclusively on your cleanse.

Most of us have obligations and responsibilities that we can not drop.  As busy moms it is essential that we find ways to care for our health within the lifestyle that we lead right now.

I hope when you do your cleanse you will be able to take the pace of your days down a notch and give yourself the renewal you deserve, but that doesn’t mean you can not cleanse while still maintaining your obligations.

What is most important is to be realistic about how much energy and space you can make for your cleanse and choose a cleanse accordingly.

  • How much time can you devote to preparing the foods you will be eating (while still preparing the foods your family will be eating).
  • How much space can you make for additional non-food cleansing supports like massage, prayer, or exercise?
  • Will you be able to give yourself mental rest and room for the release of emotional heaviness as well?
  • Will you be able to reserve space for your spirit to grow and recoup from the busy lifestyle you have?

Set yourself up for success by creating a plan that is realistic. It is much better to lightly cleanse more often than to plan for a heavy cleanse once and have difficulty following through.

4.  What results are you looking for?

This comes back to our goal question.  What is driving you to go through the cleanse?

Your goals do not need to be lofty; don’t over think this. State simply why you’re interested in cleansing and what you hope to experience.

To create a clear and straightforward route, you must be clear about where you want to go.

The beauty of having a cleansing guide that allows you to personalize your experience is that every time you decide to cleanse, the answers to these 4 questions may be different…so they will lead you to a different plan.  And the ability to customize allows you to reuse this guide time and time again.

*Tomorrow I’ll share the #1 way most women bring toxicity in to their bodies…and it has nothing to do with the food we eat!*

So tell me…Where are you starting from?  How much focus can you reserve for your cleanse?  What results are you looking for?