4 Phenomenal Women to Share With You

I want to share with you four women that I’ve had the huge honor to connect with and do some collaborative work with for their incredible events and sites. These are soul-full, wise, hugely committed to serving moms in a big way kinda people- and I’m honored to call them friends and colleagues.

1. Carrie Contey: YOUR Extraordinary Family Life Virtual Event

I am so excited for this virtual conference hosted by the amazing Carrie Contey, PhD.- she has gathered some incredible voices in the world of extraordinary parenting and the whole event is offered for free.  I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to this line up with experts like Renee Trudeau, Dr. Dan Seigel, Sue Ann Gleason, Peggy O’Mara and more.

Register (for free) to YOUR Extraordinary Family Life HERE!

2. Andrea Scher: Self Care as a Life-Giving Practice

A bit ago I had a fantastic conversation with the wonderful Andrea Scher over at Superhero Life about cultivating the practice of self care in our lives.

It’s up on her blog…and I found myself recently carving out a space to listen to it again. Much of our conversation helped me feel through the “sound barrier” in my own life and remind me of the core essentials I had been neglecting.

I could use a reminder right about now on
ways to slow down, reconnect and recommit
to what brings me closer to well being.

Click here to enjoy this heart-filled interview on ways to slow down, reconnect and recommit to what nurtures your well being.

3. Bari Tessler: Money Memoirs and the Art of Money

Bari and I met through B School a few years ago and had an instant girlfriend-sister camaraderie. We’ll hop on the phone for an hour every so often and catch up on everything from business to kids. Bari heads an amazing conscious money movement where she is passionate about helping people un-shame their money stories.

She asked me to participate in her Money Memoir event this month.

Click here to read how I understand the role money plays in my life and the money journeys I’ve worked through. 

4. Sue Ann Gleason: Luscious Legacy

Recently, Sue Ann Gleason of the Well Nourished Woman asked me some of the most thoughtful interview questions I’ve been asked in a while for her Luscious Legacy project. I was honored to be featured on her site.

Click here to read about my food journey and my perspective of nourishment as it applies to feeding my kids.
I hope some of these resources serve you well.


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