35 Questions to Reflect, (Re)connect and Replenish


I’m thrilled to share with you the Replenish Discussion Guide¬†— full of 35 questions you can use to reflect, (re)connect with yourself and replenish.

I’ve been blessed with tremendous friendships all through my life– but, the truth is, I felt distinctly void of them when I became a mother.

And as life with kids became more and more busy and full, it felt nearly impossible to maintain close connections to those women who I loved the most.

That’s one of the visions I had around publishing Replenish. I envisioned that this book would play a role in gathering and uniting women. I hoped it would be a campfire of sorts where women could retreat from their busy schedules, gather to a warm and sacred space, and explore issues around their lives, supporting each other on the journey toward wholeness and well-being.

So, I’m thrilled to share with you the Replenish Discussion Guide. This guide was intended to facilitate small group discussions and/or for personal reflection. Use it as a springboard for diving deeper into the essentials of true self-care.

  • Maybe it’s the perfect time to reach out to a couple of women you know and see if they’d like to work through the book together with you?
  • Perhaps you’re already plugged into a women’s group of some kind and can bring this book and discussion guide to the group as a way to open up deeper discussion around the issues we face as modern moms desiring to take excellent care of ourselves while caring for so many others every day?
  • Or, maybe, right now it would serve you best to use this guide personally to deepen your own self-care journey?

To download a copy of the Replenish Discussion Guide simply click here.