What is life like when you are happy?

What do you do when you are happy? I mean the simple things.

Here’s a sample of what my list would look like:

Happy people smile. Happy people dance when a good song comes on. Happy people sing. Happy people shine. Happy people giggle more. Happy people stand taller. Happy people get on the ground and play with their children. Happy people call their husband at work to say hi and I love you. Happy people greet others more often with hugs. Happy people take it a little slower and are open to unexpected blessings.

Here’s the secret. If you want more happiness, do the order in reverse.

Sing first, laugh, smile, get down on ground level, make that phone call with a message of love just because, linger in conversation in the grocery line, soften your brow and stretch out your jawline.

We are deeply habitual people. This includes our emotional habits of being as well.

You can re-pattern how you want to feel by practicing the OUTCOME of those feelings intentionally.

Try this simple exercise today. Before you speak to every single person (big and small) soften your eyes, loosen and smooth your brow, and set a soft smile on your face. Then speak with them.

This even counts if you need to discipline someone (wink wink).

And then let me know how things went today in the comments below.