Shift into Spring #3 – Detox

How was yesterday’s shift for you?  Today, we’ll keep up with this week’s shifts (water and greens) and add another layer of detox for our skin.

Your skin is not only the largest organ of your nervous system, but also a critical organ for detoxification. You can capitalize on this by bringing in elements that will soothe and scrub your beautiful outer layer.

My absolute favorite for this task is Epsom salts.

I begin to take regular baths with Epsom salts each time I gear up for a springtime shift.  You can buy Epsom salts at your local drugstore and simply add about 1 cup of the salts to a warm bath.

If you don’t have access to a bath – or if you are more of a shower-mama – try bringing in a salt or sugar scrub to your shower time. Need to grab what you’ve got on hand?  Try bringing some baking soda into the shower (or bath) as a simple scrub.

Yesterday we started flushing and cleansing from the inside … today we are going to keep that detox pathway going by supporting our skin in releasing toxins, too.