3 Essential Parts

If you’ve been considering joining me for the WellGrounded Institute’s Certification and Training Program you likely have a passion for wellness and a heart for helping women lead calmer, healthier and more energized lives.

And you also likely have an inner desire to step forward in the role of trusted expert, mentor, teacher and guide.

Which means, you’re a lot like me as I was piecing together the early start of WellGrounded Life over 7 years ago.

As my desire grew stronger and stronger to take the  leap and begin doing work in the wellness world…I can remember clearly how hard it was to discern the right timing and the right investments to move forward on.

I can remember wondering if maybe I needed to wait until my kids got older, or until we had more fat in the savings account, or until I felt more confident that I could really be successful on this path.

I remember it all.

And as I slogged through the many (many) decisions I had to make at every juncture of building my business…I began to slowly but surely get better and better at figuring out how to best discern the right next steps along the way.

Next week, I’ll be leading a Q+A Info Session for those interested in the Certification Program…

But today I wanted to share with you the 3-part process I’ve come to use every time I find myself needing to make a big decision in my life, particularly if it involves an investment in my future.

Because knowing how to come to a grounded and clear answer to decisions you are facing is one of the best skills you can practice in life.

And whether you apply it to your decision around the Certification Program or the myriad of other decisions you will make in the future- this process will support you in gaining more clarity and confidence, every time.

Here’s why I’m sharing this now… we still have about 10 days before our first pre-program module begins (on November 16)– and for most of my life, I would push off big decisions that required investment of any kind until the last minute.

Then, when the clock was really ticking and I had to decide… I’d end up feeling panicky and stressed.

And it’s hard to really know the right choice when you’re panicky and stressed. It’s not a good decision-making strategy at all.

So regardless of whether this program will be a yes for you or not, if you are considering it at all…I’m going to ask you to consider working through your discernment process a little differently.

I’ve learned over the years that there are three parts to any big decision.

1. Gather “Head” Information

First, we need to seek out all the “data” necessary to make a wise decision.

I call this “Head Info” because it satisfies my mind and all the literal questions about the decision my brain will ask me and feel it needs to know.

Head info could be things like – How much time will this program require? What are some ways I can use my certification? What is the cost and can my finances or credit handle that cost? Will this prepare me for work that fits into my life and lifestyle?

I make a list of all the details I want to know, all the important data I need to make an informed and wise decision. If you’ve read through the Certification Program page and still have “Head” questions- now is the time to ask about them!

You can email my team and either I or my assistant will get back you with as much detail as we can provide.

After I’ve given myself plenty of time to have my detailed questions answered, I shift to Part 2.

2. Seek Wise Council

I consider if there is anyone that I want or should be part of this decision with me.

I am very careful to choose my wise council circle well.

I am not interested in asking permission around my desires, but I am interested in selecting individuals whose judgement I trust and who can support me in exploring more deeply whether this is the right decision for me.

Most always I include my spouse in my wise council, because we don’t make big investments and life-choices without each other’s active input and support.

I share with these people what I’m considering, why I’m drawn to it, what most excites me about the possibility and any reservations I feel and ask them to hold space and help me see it from a perspective I may not be seeing it from.

3. Tap Into Heart Wisdom

Finally, after I’ve worked through part 1 and 2…I go into my own wise center, my heart space.

I’ll be sharing a little later a simple exercise I do to tap into my heart space but I have found, very often, after my head has all the info it needs and I circle with my wise council…my heart (that small, clear voice within) knows, ultimately, what the right answer is and taking time to quiet the noise around me and listen inward is all I need to gain the clarity I’m seeking.

Right now, if the decision to join the Certification and Training Program to become a Women’s Wellness Educator keeps asking for your attention…why don’t you take the time you need to go calmly through this 3-step process?

Ask yourself what “head info” you’d need to make a grounded decision? Are there questions you need answered? Could you read the Program page more thoroughly or reach out to my team to get the information you need?

And if you have a person or persons that support you as a wise council in your life- maybe now is the time to share with them what you are considering? They may have some guidance as you move forward toward an answer.

Here’s to re-writing how we come to our truest Yeses … with calm, clarity and confidence.

Much love,


p.s. Here is the program page again if you need to do a little “head” homework!