What Everyone Forgets About When They Decorate Their Homesforget-decorate

I can get really sucked into browsing interior design blogs and design TV shows.

One of the things that I most love about design is how it can impact our moods, feelings, and experience of being in a room or home.

Some time ago, I did an interview with DeAnna Radaj, an interior design expert who specializes in color therapy and clutter issues.  Her inspirational interview totally got me to think about some of the most important, but often forgotten, spaces in our homes that make a huge impact on how we live — simply because they become key or primary views during our days.

You probably know the entryway is a top spot to focus on the flow, organization, color, and decor of a home.

But what is often missed in the interior design conversations are the spots in your home that hold deep, personal importance — simply because you are there most often. These areas make up much of the “view” you see, all day long.

Let me give you an example from my life: my kitchen sink.

I can honestly say that I had no idea just how much time I would be spending in the kitchen, once I had kids.  It feels like 99% of my day is preparing, plating, cleaning up or stocking the kitchen.

And so, the kitchen sink was a view that had become very familiar to me all day, every day.

One day I decided to bring in some smoothed stones from our backyard and line them up on the window sill, above the sink.

I love stones and rocks.  Always have.  I love holding them, feeling their texture, looking at their colors and shapes.  Something about rocks always draws me in and makes me feel … maybe a little calmer, happier?

So now, I get to look at this gorgeous simple line of stones every time I’m at the sink.  And it makes a difference.

Sounds silly, but it is true.

What places in your home do you spend a lot of time in — start there.  Bring something beautiful in. Maybe fresh flowers in the laundry room?

It’s the landscape of so many hours of your life — taking a moment to cheer it up, personalize it, and infuse it with care and beauty sends a huge message to yourself all day long.