2014 Whole-Life Mapping Blueprint!

Are you ready to walk through a phenomenal process I’ve done with myself for YEARS where I map out (with my whole-heart AND whole-mind) exactly what my true desires and goals are for the new year and equip myself with a realistic plan to actually get there and beyond??

You are invited to a FREE webinar that is going to take you step by step exactly through that process.

The (Second Annual) Whole-Life Mapping Blueprint!

Crossover into 2014 with realistic road-maps, sharp focus and unstoppable momentum.

Mapping Blueprint

This webinar will cover:

  • The single most critical thing you must do to pave the way for massive growth and success in the new year and beyond
  • Exactly how to review your 2013 year so you mine out the gems and lessons that you’ll need as you move ahead
  • The 6 essential parts of your whole-life goal setting that must be included if you are going to bring real abundance into your life
  • How to take your big goals and create realistic road-maps to achieve and exceed each one
  • Whole-brain strategies to keep your momentum and focus sharp all year long

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One response to “2014 Whole-Life Mapping Blueprint!”

  1. Do you have a written version of the replay? I have issues with my hearing and reading is much easier and means there aren’t any missed words.

    If not, is there an issue if I transcribe it?

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