20 Signs You May Need To Detoxify

{This is Day 1 of The Spring Cleansing Series}

Our Incredible Body

It is no shock that we live in a toxic world.  The amount of synthetic and potentially dangerous chemicals we come into contact with on a daily basis is frightening.

The amazing thing is that our body has an incredible system for detoxification already in place.

Your liver, colon, lungs, kidneys, lymph and skin all work together to provide a major defense against foreign invaders, damaging byproducts of natural processes, and harmful chemicals.   These organs work daily to prevent toxins from entering the bloodstream and to quickly eliminate them.

The problem arises when the amount of toxins we put in our body overloads the ability of our body to get rid of them.

In an effort to keep us alive, the body will store excess toxins if it can not effectively eliminate them.  Over time, this storage of toxins weakens our systems, depletes our energy, causes our body to hold onto excess weight and interferes with our brain chemistry.

I talk more about why this storing of toxins prevents us from losing fat in my cleansing guide, but it is like adding sand to gasoline and expecting your car to run smoothly…your gears literally become gunked up.

This is why it is an excellent idea to give your body a nourishing cleanse 2-4 times a year. It helps reduce the toxic load your body is handling so that the normal detoxification pathways stay strong and can keep working hard.

Here are 20 outward signs that your body may be handling and storing too many toxins…and that a healthy cleanse may be beneficial.

1.  Your skin has lost its natural elasticity, you are getting dry patches, or you’re getting acne breakouts.

2.  Your digestion is difficult with excessive gas, discomfort, or trouble eliminating.

3.  You have difficulty focusing and concentrating.

4.  Your moods are becoming more irritable and impatient.

5.  You experience strong sugar cravings.

6.  Your hair and nails are dull and brittle.

7.  Your tongue is covered in a think white film.

8.  You’ve been eating a lot of heavy foods (typical around holidays and in the winter).

9.  You’ve indulged in “noisy” foods like excessive drinking, cigarettes or caffeine.

10.  You have excess weight to lose or you want to jump start a weight loss plateau.

11. You have bad breath.

12.  You’ve recently taken antibiotics.

13.  You’ve been neglectful of self care and feel worn out.

14.  You have low energy and fatigue.

15.  You are getting more headaches lately.

16. You are feeling the impact of high stress days.

17. You are bloating and holding “fluff” water weight.

18. You’ve been battling brain fog.

19.  You crave processedjunk or fast food.

20. You have excess mucus or sinus related problems.

For many people, these symptoms simply begin to accumulate over time and move into a general malaise.

We hardly notice that we are not feeling well, because this has become the new norm.

I invite you to consider how you might feel if you began to fuel your body with life-giving, fresh, healthy foods.  How would it be to feel clean and light and energized? How would your days differ if you were working at your highest capacity, not just limping along?

Consider whether going on a short, real food cleanse might give you a glimpse of that experience.  It could be the spark you need to remind you of how you were really meant to feel.

**Tomorrow, we’ll talk about why setting goals is so important when you enter a cleanse.  I’ll also share how to know if you should not be cleansing right now in your life.**

Did you identify with any of the symptoms on this list?  What has your body been telling you lately about your health?

{Of course, there may be many reasons that you experience any one of these symptoms.  If you ever suspect that these symptoms are indicating a deeper problem…don’t hesitate.  Reach out to a trusted health professional and get help to determine why things are imbalanced.}


2 responses to “20 Signs You May Need To Detoxify”

  1. Hi Lisa – I’ve come to your blog from Serene Journey. I am not a mom, but I am a work-from-home-wife and I have 2 dogs that keep me on my toes. I’ve been thinking about ‘doing a cleanse’ for a few months now but have been a little wary – mostly toward my own willpower. I’m looking forward to reading this series, and your other blog content too. Thanks for doing this series – for me, the timing probably couldn’t be better.

    1. I’m so glad you stopped by! I often have women tell me they are not mothers but really benefit from practical ways to bring wellness into a busy life. I hope you’ll stick around 🙂

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