Shift Into Spring #2 – Greens

Today, with Shift #2, we’ll be cleansing from the inside out with greens.

Leafy greens are powerful cleansers in two ways. They’re a dense nutritional source of chlorophyll, and they contain fiber.

Here’s the key to success with today’s shift – do NOT worry about what the rest of your diet looks like right now.

All you need to focus on is bringing in some element of leafy greens to your diet.

If you haven’t consumed a green in over a month, make your goal one serving a day.  If you’ve been doing pretty well in this area, consider upping the ante — could you challenge yourself to get two (or three?!) servings of greens in today?

Here is one of my favorite tools for consuming more greens: a simple greens-and-garlic sautee.

  • Eat them alongside your eggs, for breakfast.
  • Pair them with baked beans, to satisfy a sweet craving.
  • Combine them with broth and rice, for a quick and simple soup.

Let’s clear the decks around expectations for our diets and simply begin to focus on greens for this “ramp up” week. Are you in?

Sending you green-lovin’ today,