Oh how exactly do we keep our creative selves alive
between the loads of laundry,
the dinner prep,
the schedule-on-steroids that dictate our days,
the work,
and the homework?

And how can we ever really care for ourselves if
we feel disconnected to who we are now
in this season of our lives?

These are the kinds of conversations K.L. Going and
I mulled over as we prepared our upcoming retreat,
Rekindling the Fire.

And out of our deep conversations on these topics,
we had an idea, a brilliant idea!

We decided to create a 3-part video series
where we engage in short conversations
around topics that explore Creativity in a Busy Life.

These conversations are particularly for
women and mothers who
feel the deep fatigue of everyday living…

and who desire more self-connection,
and more opportunities for self-expression
in their lives.

Ah, I’m so giddy to share this with you today,
because there’s really, really great stuff in this
video series 🙂

If you’d like instant access,
HOP ON OVER NOW…and sign up-
you’ll get whisked over to the first video immediately.

Then we’ll share the remaining 2 videos throughout
this week.

I can remember yearning for spaces in my life
where I could explore and process so much of the inner work
that is necessary to feel fully alive and engaged in life.

Our hope is that this series will create that dialogue for you
and encourage you to focus on
the needs of your own creative spirit and to
give it a chance to be nourished as well.

Again- click here to watch the first video, all about
“Writing as a Tool for Self Care, Self Care as a Tool for Writing”

Sending kindling for your creative soul,

**A special note, it was brought to our attention that
the volume on the videos wasn’t always working
when viewed via the Firefox browser
…if that happens to
you, simply switch browsers (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer)
and it should resolve itself.**