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Being a personal trainer and a health & lifestyle coach, most of the women I work with are busy mommas, and they always come at me with the same excuse.

“I Don’t Have Time For Myself!”

Here is what I have to say: You DO have time, it’s just about being creative and slipping it into your day where you can. You don’t need 60 or even 20 minutes to get in exercise, all you need is 10 minutes. YEP you read right, 10 minutes!

So I have created a special program you, momma! These 5 exercises you can do ANYWHERE!

I have created a Printable Fit Momma Work Out Routine and a 10 page Stretch Routine so you can be fit and flexible anywhere.

I guarantee you have never felt stretches like these!

Just print and follow, with these detailed pictures and descriptions: Click Here to download now.

So again, you can do these anywhere:

  • While brushing your teeth
  • Doing dishes
  • In between commercials
  • At your child’s soccer practice
  • Make it a family, after dinner routine
  • When the children are getting crazy, do this with them, they just need to motor out some energy
  • While doing laundry

Being fit and healthy is a must for you AND your family. Your actions speak much louder than your words. If your children see you doing this, they will think is “normal” and just naturally take care of themselves, forever.

I know that your children are your life, and you would do anything for them, so know when you are giving to yourself, you are ultimately giving to them as well. If they take care of themselves they will never have to worry about being bullied at school, being regularly depressed or sad, and most importantly, will never have to worry about disease, cancer or illness in the future.

Yes, you have that kind of power, just by your actions! I believe in you!

And here’s a written review of what’s in the video:

Fit Momma Routine

Do 30-50 repetitions of each exercise, 1-4 times: 3x a week.

Remember, be creative!

1.Squat (see video for visual example)

-Get a chair, bench or something you typically sit on and place right behind you

-Feet shoulder width apart, or slightly wider -Sit back as if you are going to sit in the chair

-Heels are super glued to floor, they never leave floor as you squat back

-Make sure knees never go over toes

2. Alternating Lunges (see video for visual example)

-Step out, slightly in front of you and drive hips down to the floor, think of down, not out.

-Make sure knees never go over toes

-Ideally have 90 degree angles at each knee, if you have knee pain start shallow and work into it as you get stronger

-Keep core tight (belly button to spine)

-To make harder you can do walking lunges or back lunges

3. Chair Push-up (see video for visual example)

-Grab a chair, bench or you can even use the stairs

-Hands slightly wider then shoulder width apart

-Keep core tight (belly button to spine)

-Butt down, slowly bring chest to chair, and back up

-To make harder move yourself closer to the ground, either go down another step, find a lower surface, or for the hardest level go to the ground

4. Planks (see video for visual example)

-On the floor, start of forearms, beginners start on knees, more advanced
start on feet

-Keep core tight (belly button to spine)

-Butt down

-You are going to just hold this position for as long as possible, ideally 30-50 seconds then slowly increasing the time 5 seconds every week

5. Cardio Dance Party (see video for visual example, seriously, HA!)

-Put on your favorite jam and DANCE! DO NOT SKIP THIS!  This is vital for your health, happiness and heart 🙂

-Let go, have fun, be silly, get out of your head and into you body

-Grab it kiddos and *all out* go for it, your body needs this

About Nicole: Nichole Kellerman, is a certified personal trainer and massage therapist with the drive to help as many women as possible be fit, healthy and happy, all while having a blast! Having struggled with her weight and self image in the past, she has now dedicated her life to
showing women how to love their bodies and get that head-turning confidence they all deserve! Learn more about Nichole at

So, Ladies: What’s kind of exercise if your favorite way to break a sweat? Let us know in the comments!