Shift into Spring #1 – Hydrate

Hello, hello! Here we are, just like I promised, in our Shift into Spring series. Each day for 5 days, I’ll send a simple strategy that paves the way for more lightness, space and clarity to enter your life as we transition into the Spring season together.

For me, these are my five Go-To Shifts as I get ready for a healthy jumpstart in my life.  They are like the warm-up stretches before the game.  Are you ready to play with me?

Today we begin with Shift #1 — Hydration.

Spring foods promote hydration and counter the tendency for our bodies to produce phlegm and mucus.

Lemon and cayenne, in particular, are excellent at cutting through excess mucus and keeping membranes healthy.

Idea 1: Hot Lemon and Honey Water

Here’s an idea for upping the ante: to a mug of warm water, add a squeeze of lemon, a pinch of cayenne, and a bit of raw honey.

Idea 2: Matcha Tea

Or if you need to replace a morning caffeine drink with something that is packed with antioxidants and revs up your metabolism, supports detoxification and gives you sustained, calm, energy– try Matcha Tea!

I walk you through making that simple drink in the video below:

p.s. A great “starter” matcha tea kit from Teavana can be found here.