Depleted energy?

Exhausted and impatient moods?

Dull and scattered mind?

Just “getting through” the day?

The good news is you can do life and motherhood differently.

Replenish 365 is the life-changing self care and well-being program women all over the world are passionate about. 

Calm and Connect

Energize and Align

Nourish and Restore

Community and Support

If you’re struggling to “get it together”— you’re not broken.
You just need to learn how to truly replenish yourself everyday.

Gather with hundreds of women and mothers saying YES to their own well-being!



Dear woman, mom, nurturer, doer, and care-giver,

I’ll be honest.

I know you know how crucially important it is to take good care of yourself.

You know how connected your own well-being and vitality is to your family’s well-being.

You know you’d be more productive, more patient, more clear-thinking, more light-hearted, more energized if you gave yourself what you needed to be well-nourished on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

You get it. We all get it.

So why is it still so hard to change direction?

I spent most of my early years of motherhood berating myself for not being able to get it together…feeling so crummy about how I was handling life.

Exhausted to the bone, overwhelmed and ready to lose my temper at every turn.

I was raised to believe when challenges come you bear down, sacrifice, and do what it takes to get through it.

But the more I tried to just “get through the day” the the more depleted I became.

I never imagined something like “self care” would be the answer I needed.

At some point, I decided, “just getting through the day” wasn’t what I wanted my life to be about.

I could see how fast everything was going, how the years were flying by … and I wanted to feel energized and alive for the ride.

I wanted to understand how I was designed and how my body and mind worked, so I could begin to work with myself and bring zest and energy back into my days.

When I finally hit my own crossroads and knew I needed to do something to change the direction I was going, I began re-defining self care for myself.

And I’ve seen firsthand what an incredibly life-changing experience it is when a woman begins to prioritize true care for her own well-being in her life.

Here’s what I know:

It starts with a yes.

Yes, your well-being matters too.
Yes, you’re worth investing in.
Yes, when you’re well, the whole family benefits too.

Replenish 365 has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself.

I really see the rippling effect that small positive changes have made…I am in such a better place now than I was only 6 months ago.

I have reconnected with my husband, my children, my friends, and myself.

I feel like I am waking up and am actually living my life again, not just watching it go by.



Everyone wants a magic bullet or secret formula to high-level vitality- but the truth is, the only thing that really works is small & steady shifts done one-step-at-a-time.

…and that’s really good news if you’re a busy mom who doesn’t have tons of time or energy to begin with!

I’ve witnessed firsthand what happens when women make “small” changes that literally change the trajectory of their lives.

In fact, I’m convinced the secret is in the size.

There’s robust research that backs the idea that consistent, smart and small shifts translates into bigger, longer-lasting positive change over the long run.

The only way to experience new healthy habits in your life is by creating small stepping stones toward new land.

One small step at a time…until this new way of living becomes second nature.

And this is exactly why I created Replenish 365.I began to imagine …

  • What if I took a group of women through a full year of work with me?
  • What if we started “filling up” regularly so that we drove around our lives with a mostly full tank?
  • What if we joined together with other like-minded and like-hearted women in a circle of grace and kindness and support — and had the time to really get to know each other?
  • What if there was no break in momentum, only forward movement, consistent support and encouragement every step of the way?

When I began to seriously consider these questions, the vision of Replenish 365 was born.

You really can live your crazy, messy, beautiful life from a full and replenished place ~ it’s just most of us were never taught how.

This program has given me the feeling that I am not on this journey alone.

I live in a very isolated community and have often felt that I am the only one that feels that parenting is hard and is struggling with my day to day life.

It is nice to be a part of a community and to know that what I am experiencing is normal.



I want you to consider giving yourself not only the permission, but the support and the tools you need in order to change the pattern of self-care in your life.

  • What if you could feel better about yourself as a mom? …Be less snappy and irritable?
  • What if your days could go smoother, more productive?
  • What if you could impact your marriage? What if you felt more desirable, more ready to be intimate, more sensual, more open for connection, shared more laughter?
  • What if you experienced more moments of warmth and connection with your kids?
  • What if you felt  more confident and comfortable in your own skin?
  • What if you could wake up each day lighter, happier, more energized?

How would that change the way you live, work and parent?

This is the Year to Replenish You!

The material content was fantastic…and Lisa’s grounded, clear responses to all the questions along the way were really gold.

I love her clarity and ability to really make the material practical and doable.


The content was amazing…

Thank you for all your work, your care, the outpouring of love that you are allowing God to spill on the group through you.

Your work has been life changing and so valuable to me and, indirectly, to my family.

~ Courtney

I am amazed with everything we covered and the conversations that were had.

There are many areas in my life that are better because I was a part of this community!

~ Sonia


If you’re struggling to “get it together”— you’re not broken.
You just need to learn how to truly replenish yourself everyday.

Replenish 365 is a full-year, self-care, vitality and well-being program for moms who are ready for vibrant health in every area of their lives.

It combines:

Soul-honoring, science-driven and strategy-focused learning,

  • weekly learning modules to keep you engaged and growing

Hands-on, practical tools of wellness that fit into your everyday life

  • weekly videos sharing practical strategies and tools of self-care

Forward momentum, real-life, lasting kind of change

  • step-by-step process stringing small shifts together over a full year for major impact

Engaging, supportive, grace-filled

  • connection in ways that support you most ~ including monthly live calls with Lisa where you can pre-submit questions or talk with her live

Throughout the year, you’ll experience these powerful components of the Replenish 365 experience:

  1. Lightbulb Learning

At the core of our work together will be our weekly lightbulb learning classes.

I call it “lightbulb” learning because they deliver major ah-ha moments of understanding…paired with practical, smart tools and strategies for change.

The truth is, I didn’t design this program so you could get a PhD.

So much of formal learning asks us to study reams of information that isn’t relevant to what makes a true difference in our lives.

I envisioned classes where material was streamlined and organized around smart, relevant information and paired with tactical tools that you could apply immediately.

And that is exactly how I designed the Replenish 365 curriculum.

Each week the webinar classes are about 30 minutes and targeted to a specific area of deeper understanding about how we are designed as humans and, specifically, women.

We will explore ourselves from physiological, biochemical, metabolic, hormonal, psychological and neurological perspectives.

Each week we combine a deeper understanding with concrete ways to grow more skills, strategies and tools of well-being.

The material comes as audio classes, videos and downloadable materials so you can access the information in the ways that work best for you at your own pace.

Step by step I’ll walk you through creating and establishing a rock-solid self-care practice in your life that allows you to live, love and mother from a place of calm, clarity, vitality and connection.

I’ve loved being part of Replenish 365!

I’ve experienced an overall greater awareness of my body and how it reacts in different situations.Its helped me have greater control on the road to being a thermostat not thermometer.

I really notice an impact when I head off course! Learning how food affects my body and developing a positive relationship with food has helped me be a calmer mum and person.



2. “Soul Care” Work

It’s not really self-care, if it isn’t soul care as well.

A crucial part of this program is honoring the unique heart of a woman, creating a space to deeply discover the ways we grow from the inside out.

A place where we can process and reflect.

Time to re-acquaint ourselves with where we are in life, who we are becoming and what we need on a “soul care” level that will allow us to feel fully and completely cared for.

Throughout the year, “Soul Care” videos are released with a specific inner growth theme and reflective questions that you can explore personally or together with the Replenish 365 community.

When your inner and outer self-care is aligned, the impact is life-changing.

Replenish 365 is wonderful and empowering!

The course is a gentle reminder to take care of myself in many little ways that have helped me to make way for bigger changes.



3. Stellar Support

“Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Show You Who You Are.” ~ Lisa’s Grandmother

I’ve woven mentorship and connection into the fabric of our year.

If you want to change on any level…one of the MOST effective ways is to surround yourself with people who are living the way you want to be living.

I know from experience with thousands of women who’ve taken my courses that everyone has their own sweet spot in how they feel best supported.

Having monthly access to Lisa – where you can choose to submit your questions beforehand or join her live on the call for one-to-one mentoring and conversation allows you to get the support you need to keep moving forward, overcome roadblocks and apply the teaching personally in your own life.

Replenish 365 is a gathering of mamas, a toolbox for motherhood, a nurturing gift to yourself, a reminder that you are amazing no matter what and that you should treat yourself that way….

This program was life-changing.



A full year of well-being, vitality & vibrant growth is here for you…


  • Weekly Lightbulb Learning Classes and Demonstration Videos (exploring the 6 Pillars of Self Care)
  • Replenish 365 Coursebook delivered to your home
  • Soul Care Videos and Inner Personal Reflection Work
  • Weekly Guided Emails
  • Weekly Text Messages
  • Monthly Live Mentoring Calls with Lisa
  • Experience life with a calm mind, nourished body, restored mind, and joyful heart
  • Total Value = $4395

Total Value $4000+ 


Enrollment is now closed for the 2018 program year!

This is the year for YOU!

It’s for you to explore a whole new way of investing in yourself and your own well-being. It’s for you to experience the incredible difference living from a full tank means to your family and your life.

And I know the nature of true change is a steady, step-by-step process of establishing positive, healthy change in your life. 

You will be AMAZED at what you can do in a year… but many of us expect too much from ourselves in a week.

I know this program works when you commit to the process.

And that’s why I intentionally designed it to be a year of guided growth and support because change doesn’t happen over night…but major change DOES happen when you apply simple, steady and smart steps in the right direction over time.

It is not an exaggeration to say this class enabled me to break free from the chains of years of self-neglect. At home for 10 years raising four kids, I did not prioritize care for myself. I think this was for two reasons: I didn’t know HOW to do this.

Also, I truly did not realize the positive impact caring for myself would have on every other endeavor in my life.

Today I have more to offer as a woman, mother, partner, friend because of this course.

Be prepared to be transformed!



Curriculum Details

Replenish 365 is a full year program that blends structured, paced learning with simple concrete tools and strategies laid out week by week so you can eliminate overwhelm, see the path clearly ahead.

Throughout the year you’ll move steadily one step at a time into a whole new way of nourishing and caring for yourself (and your family).

We take time not only for deep learning around principles of self care but also pause throughout for “soulcare” reflections which speak to our inner journey of living well.

The program works through the 6 Pillars of Well-Being one step at a time.

Big shifts happen in how you relate to yourself, understand your true needs, and care for yourself in your everyday life.

Here’s a quick overview of the topics we’ll explore more deeply together in our year journey:

Calm Mind Pillar

Click for details
  • tap into your “brain’s back door”- the limbic system – with fast acting calming tools
  • establish a strong start to your day for lasting calm and resiliency
  • restore symptoms of adrenal fatigue and burnout
  • manage overwhelm so you can live with vitality and clarity
  • master mental triggers to make peace with your own thoughts
  • practice the power of presence through the mind-body connection
  • apply principles of heart energy to maintain healthy coherence in the body

Nourished Body Pillar

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  • turn on your calm metabolism so you feel grounded and balanced
  • satisfy your true cravings so you have peace and freedom with food
  • release unnecessary weight so you feel lighter and stronger
  • fuel your body and mind to experience more clarity, energy and uplifted moods
  • build up a strong immune system so you stay healthy and strong
  • heal and nourish your innate detoxification system
  • balance and nourish your hormonal systems to stay restored and whole

Restorative Rest Pillar

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  • design an effective evening routine that promotes restorative sleep leaving you revitalized in the morning
  • support the role of the Pineal Gland in harmonizing your circadian rhythms naturally
  • understand, track and honor your female hormonal cycles including the powerful role of estrogen and progesterone in your physical, emotional and mental well-being
  • identify signs of imbalance from symptoms of PMS and how to alleviate them by healing the root causes of them
  • prepare and make space for a healthy, vibrant transition into menopause

Joyful Movement Pillar

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  • tap into the principles of joyful movement that connect our physical body with pleasure, flow and joy
  • nourish the thyroid gland: our bodies’ hormonal “Energy Generator”
  • connect the crucial role creativity and play to your personal growth
  • identify your true “voice” for healthy flow
  • understand the 5 major systems of hormones and ways to balance, restore and nurture hormonal well-being
  • create clarity and increase productivity by feeding your brain what it needs to run with high efficiency

Authentic Connection Pillar

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  • identify your unique “song” and clarify your true voice in the world
  • keep the channel of spiritual connection open and thriving in your life
  • honor your need for a thriving circle of friendship and sisterhood connections in your life
  • grow in your core need for sensual connection to your body and intimate connection to your spouse or partner
  • effectively navigating difficult seasons with those you love in order to maintain thriving, strong relationships

Aligned Living Pillar

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  • explore your purposes to align your life with your true values and bring in more contentment, fulfillment, and joy
  • tap into your inner priority filters to know how best to invest your time and energy
  • live from your true strengths and bring the best of yourself into every role you play
  • create strong and relevant boundaries in order to honor yourself and protect your energy
  • identify energy leaks and drains and learn tools to recover when you feel drained and exhausted from being spread too thin

One YES today will set you up for a full year of guidance, support, tools and encouragement to move into your best year yet…Will you join us?

Replenish 365 absolutely exceeded my expectations.

I really love the Soul Care videos and feel like Lisa is talking just to me, it feels very personal and authentic.

If you are looking for a way to make changes in your life related to how you think about yourself and how you care for yourself, but you feel like you can never make any headway alone…this is course is for you.


This is the first time I’ve ever “stuck with” something and I think that is because it has all been about very small steps.I am so grateful.

I have bought books, subscribed to programs, and fell vulnerable to quick fixes.

Over the years this made me feel like a perpetual failure because I never could get the results that all the testimonials seemed to have or I couldn’t follow through with the rigid protocols….

It has been so refreshing to pay one fee for a program and 6 months into it have not been pressured to buy anything in order to “get optimum results.”

Thank you so much.

~ Meliea

Replenish 365 has been a very positive experience…

I feel more relaxed and forgiving of myself; while at the same time taking small steps to improve my overall health.

Lisa’s clarity and supportive, nurturing tone while exploring each topic area made all the difference.



More energy, more calm, more patience, more ease.
What’s your 2018 going to be filled with?

Got Questions?

Replenish 365 begins January 27, 2018 with a Welcome Week to settle us all in- and the first module is released February 3, 2018.  Weekly modules are released every Saturday morning throughout the year.
Once the program begins you will receive a weekly email detailing the learning focus for that week and giving you a link to the lesson page all materials are on.

Each week’s main lesson can be either viewed as a video or listened to as an audio file. (These are 20-30 minute lessons.)

There will also be a LifeWork packet (pdf) that can be downloaded for each week’s lesson with additional materials and places to take notes.

Most weeks also come with one or more short videos demonstrating a self-care practice or tool connected to that week’s focus.

All in all if you have an hour a week, you can fully engage in all content. This can happen when it is most convenient for you. The material is always there for you to fit into your schedule.

Additionally you can connect with others in the private FB group throughout the weeks and join by phone for the monthly live Q+A calls if you have questions or areas you’d like further support on.

Awesome! Many of the mamas who join have varied and impressive backgrounds in various health fields- if you consider yourself a life-long learner, this is likely a great fit.

I have found from the feedback I receive that the experience of going through this program allows concepts to be brought to life with practical application in ways many women haven’t experienced before.

Many aha’s and lightbulb moments happen when women begin to connect their own past experience and education with the process of seeing their well-being in the big-picture of the “6 Pillars of Self-Care” Methodology taught in Replenish 365.

In truth, I don’t know of another program quite like this one. Here’s where I feel Replenish 365 really rises above:

a. Smart, science-driven learning: Our materials cut the fluff and streamline the most relevant, action-oriented content front and center for you weekly. This gives you the most for your time and you begin to feel the difference in your life (versus just gaining more head knowledge about “health”).

b. Head and heart honored here: We all know “healthy” people who are pretty miserable most of the time. The Replenish 365 vision of true self-care means true vitality -in our bodies, minds, moods and hearts. We take time throughout the year to tend to the “inner work” that really sets the stage for major change in how we experience our lives.

c. Comprehensive view of self-care: Most all other courses and programs in wellness focus in on one specific area of our well-being. Whether that is nutrition or stress or exercise— the focus leaves so many other parts of your core needs starving.

By taking the 6 Pillars of Self Care approach we touch in on the 6 core areas of our well-being for a well-rounded experience of vitality which is rich and sustainable— and makes all the difference.

d. Guided, high-level support and mentorship: Monthly access to Lisa allows you to pre-submit questions or areas you’d like to explore more deeply- or join her live for the group mentorship call where she can help you apply the learning you are doing and work through challenges that may come up throughout the year.

When you are welcomed into Replenish 365, we want you to feel like you’ve found a true home to be yourself. This community creates space for you to learn ways to hold yourself with more kindness without judgement or shame.

Some women have gone through Replenish 365 for 4 consecutive years now – this speaks to me of how powerful the program, curriculum and mentorship is, as well as how the materials can truly grow with you over time.

You get to feel the thrill of having a full year of consistent, powerful, positive change impacting your everyday life— which is pretty amazing in and of itself 🙂

All material is available for you to download and store on your personal computer to have in your own possession so you can revisit and dive deeper into the material year after year.

I know this program is a life-changing experience for women and moms who are ready to re-prioritize their own well-being.

I know that you don’t have to do this program “perfectly” for it to have a major impact in your life.

And I know that the small trickles of replenishment you offer yourself exponentially get returned back to you over time in increased calm, energy, vitality and productivity.

But I also know that signing up for an online program can feel risky, especially a full-year commitment. If you feel you need to test it out for a bit to make 100% sure it’s legitimate and I’m not selling snake oil 🙂 I offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If within the first 14 days of the program you decide this is not a good fit for you- request a refund and we’ll courteously and promptly return your investment. Easy peasy.

If you’ve received your Coursebook – you’ll need to return it in unused, mint condition- and upon receipt we will refund your enrollment fee less shipping.

There is such a huge reward waiting on the other side of your YES – I hope the money back guarantee encourages you to step forward and stake claim for your own well-being this year!

I looked forward each week listening to Lisa share her knowledge.

I filled the tub with water and iPad nearby.

I like to call it ‘Therapy’ while I soaked in the tub.

~ Susan

Absolutely wonderful program!

Interesting, relevant, and well-researched information.

Gentle and loving environment.

~ Deborah


There’s a host of reasons that women end up tired and spent.

There’s a host of reasons we find ourselves numbing out on Facebook or cheese doodles.

Often it takes pushing ourselves to the brink {or to illness} before we pull back and care for ourselves … to remember that we are also growing, creative, passionate people that need to find a way to thrive in this life as well.

In one year, you will have more confidence and clarity around how you are uniquely wired from the inside out than decades of schooling has provided you.

When you begin to work with yourself and give yourself what you need to stay well and vital, massive change starts to happen.

There is never a better time than right now to re-calibrate and do what you need to begin to feel your best again.

In one year from now, the choices you make today will impact where you find yourself.

If you want more peace, more patience, more energy, more focus, more zest for life– this is the program for you.

You can live with a full tank ~ I’ll show you how!

Message from Lisa…

If you’re looking for a guru on a mountaintop telling you how to live your life ~ you won’t find that here.

I think of my role as mentor, educator and guide in the context of community. Where everyone at one time or another is called to grab the lamp and walk ahead just a couple steps to light the way for others.

This is my offering along the path. My place where I can light the way.

Not because I’ve perfected it all in my own life, but because I’ve been in the dark places where my own well-being was stone-dry depleted.

And I’ve also been on the journey toward replenishing my inner well. And I can say with absolute confidence– everything is better when you give from a full and overflowing place.

9 years ago I founded WellGrounded Life, an exceptional online community where I connect with women all over the world, supporting them to live vibrant, fulfilling and prosperous lives.

I do this practically through multimedia courses and programs teaching tools and strategies to moms who want to experience deep reserves of calm and abundant energy as they navigate the journey of motherhood.

I do this relationally through creating connections and communities that are grace-filled, warm, non-judgmental and safe for a woman to come exactly as she is, be witnessed in her life and completely supported to take small, significant baby steps toward renewing her well-being and vitality.

I’m also the founder and director of the WellGrounded Life Certification Program where I train women to become Wellness Educators through the exclusive women’s wellness curriculum I teach in Replenish 365. This process is powerful and it works- and it’s my joy to see others impact women in their circles with this life-giving content.

If you’re wondering how I’m qualified to design and create these courses- my background is full of science. I have a degree from Cal Poly State University in Biochemistry with an emphasis in Nutrition and Metabolism. I hold a Masters in Public Health in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Boston University and am certified in holistic health coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.


But in truth, I’m really a life-long learner and regularly dive into courses and trainings to keep my love for the design of the human body, mind and heart growing.


Finally, I’m the author of the bestselling book, Replenish: Experience Radiant Calm and True Vitality in Your Everyday Life and I live in New Jersey with my three children, husband and 100 pound yellow lab.

That’s a whole lot about me…but I’m most interested in you. I would love the opportunity to get to know you better this year and journey with you as you seek to nurture your own needs for self-care and well-being in your life.

Here’s what I can tell you: I have no doubt that each woman who crosses Lisa’s path feels seen, heard, nurtured, and so so loved.

She’s also crazy knowledgeable, and deeply connected.

If you choose to spend time in her orbit, before too long, you’ll find yourself growing, and glowing, in ways you never would have dreamed possible –

I know I have.


  • Smart, science-driven learning: Our materials cut the fluff and streamline the most relevant, action-oriented content front and center for you weekly.

    This gives you the most for your time and you begin to feel the difference in your life immediately.

  • Head and heart honored here: We all know “healthy” people who are pretty miserable most of the time.

    The Replenish 365 vision of true self-care means true vitality -in our bodies, minds, moods and hearts.

    We take time throughout the year to tend to the “inner work” that really sets the stage for major change in how we experience our lives.

  • Comprehensive view of self-care: Most all other courses and programs in wellness focus in on one specific area of our well-being. Whether that is nutrition or stress or exercise— the focus leaves so many other parts of your core needs starving.

    By taking the 6 Pillars of Self-Care approach we touch in on the 6 essential areas of our well-being for a well-rounded experience of vitality which is rich and sustainable— and makes all the difference.

  • Mentorship and Support like no other: When you are welcomed into Replenish 365, I want you to feel like you’ve found a true home to be yourself.

    This community creates space for you to learn ways to hold yourself with more kindness without judgement or shame. No one grows alone, in Replenish 365, you’ll be a part of a circle of inspiration, encouragement and support like no other with access to Lisa on a monthly basis to keep you focused and moving forward!

  • Material is yours for a lifetime: Some women have worked through Replenish 365 curriculum for 5 consecutive years now.

    Not only do you receive the Lifework materials in a physical, hard-copy Coursebook, you get online access to all audios and videos- which can be downloaded and stored on your personal computer. 

  • NO RISK ENROLLMENT: Perhaps this is the most important deciding factor of all.

    I want this year to be FOR YOU in every way. I want Replenish 365 to serve you and add incredible value to your life.

    If within 14 days of exploring the materials and community you decide it isn’t a right fit for you- you can request a full refund. We’ll still love you up as part of the WellGrounded Life community- no hard feelings or hoops to jump through.

    Just our signature extraordinary community care and swift honoring of a refund. (Please note if you received your Replenish 365 Coursebook we will issue your refund upon return of it unused and in mint condition.)

    With a guarantee like that, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

It’s your time to feel brighter, lighter, healthier ~ You’re one YES away!

Enrollment has ended for the 2018 program year!