What Women Are Saying About WellGrounded Life

KristinMI was surprised at how much I enjoyed dialoguing with other women including hearing their reflections and experiences. It is not an exaggeration to say this class enabled me to break free from the chains of years of self-neglect. At home for 10 years raising four kids, I did not prioritize care for myself. I think this was for two reasons: I didn’t know HOW to do this. Also, I truly did not realize the positive impact caring for myself would have on every other endeavor in my life. Today I have more to offer as a woman, mother, partner, friend because of this course. Be prepared to be transformed! -Kristin


RobinnewAfter being in the class for a few weeks and realizing that the class did not take a LOT of time and then finding out later that we would have ‘lifetime access’ to the materials let me relax even more. Lisa brings an amazing sense of calm and peace to what she teaches. I loved that the whole way through the course were no absolutes. It felt very guided and led, not strict or regimented. Taking the class is the best thing I did for myself this year. I know I will be revisiting it throughout the upcoming year as well. I think it is a wonderful investment in yourself. ~Robin


WG-flower1-150x150 (1)The best part of the course for me was listening to the webinars. It was always a nice touch being able to feel as though you were having a conversation with all of us, and the information presented in the materials automatically felt more real and achievable. I think the most important thing that people should know about this course is that the pace is steady enough for success to be experienced. One week per topic is great, because there’s enough time to sink your teeth into the material and begin to let it resonate and simmer!” – Milissa


JesseThe best part has been knowing Lisa just a little. There are people in this world who make a difference just by being present. Lisa is a wonderfully gracious and present woman. It gives you a place to discover how to be more yourself and truly hear your voice speak. – Jesse


amandanewI just loved not only the quality and quantity of information but also, and perhaps most importantly, the way in which it was delivered. A completely guilt free, non-judgmental and non-restrictive approach to teaching others about wellness. I also love how its not just about food. It’s all encompassing and I got some amazing insight into how I relate to food, the root causes of this relationship and how to use this awareness to better my well being. I am implementing some of the tips and topics already and am planning on really making a great, realistic road map for all of the other things I would really like to incorporate into my life -Amanda


I love the freedom and flexibility of an online format. I think it works especially well for the audience of this course which are busy, stressed out mamas. The fact that so many others shared their stories made me feel much more normal and not so alone. My husband is very supportive but he just has no idea what I feel like. I know the other moms do! This course re-affirmed healthy habits that I just haven’t been able to stick to regularly. It got me back on track and motivated. Lisa is so clear and gentle and human. You can’t help but listen to her. Her wisdom and interest in what she teaches is infectious. The suggestions Lisa makes are followed up with nice videos that show you just how quick and simple some effective changes can be. ~Kasie


ritaI found the teleclasses extremely interesting and delivered in a such friendly manner that I felt immediately comfortable listening in. I felt the information truly significant for my life and the fact that you sound so nice and genuinely interested in who’s listening made it very easy to grasp the concepts you talked about. You provide valuable information about our body/mind/emotions connections in a way that is easy to understand and without making anyone feel judge for our past choices. ~Rita


DianeIt was very informative in a way that I could understand. Your course has helped to turn the light on! I loved your videos. I could see that the videos were well thought out and planned. You have a pleasant voice and calm way about you that makes it easy to listen and understand. A fresh perspective on how you can feel better with a bit of self awareness and the right information and tools.~Diane


merecentI liked that it was practical and hands-on but also felt very manageable in terms of something I could fit into my lifestyle. Just taking the course forced me to carve out time for myself. In addition, Lisa really presented the material in a positive and reassuring manner. I enjoyed listening to her and found myself implementing the steps she suggested without a lot of resistance. ~Christi


SarahI would highly suggest your course…You provide so much appropriate, accessible information that women can start implementing right away. I like how you suggested a lot of varied tools…and you’re so personable and friendly, your information feels really trustworthy, like a good friend is sharing ideas with me. ~Sarah


Cara3-150x150For me the best part of the course was the extent and the presentation of the content. You really know what you are talking about and go into great depth to explain the WHY of things. I think it’s much easier to accept things when there is a good explanation behind it. I’m more aware of how the food I’m eating is affecting the way I feel and act. I was very impressed by the professional presentation of the course and the amount of information given. Lisa knows her stuff and explains it all in a way that is easily understood and easy to remember. Plus, the fact that it’s online means that you can go at your own pace. I did it with a brand new baby. This is the real thing. If you put Lisa’s material to work for you, you can really make some big and important changes in your life. ~ Cara


WG-flower1-150x150 (1)I have suffered from chronic stress my entire life. I had a traumatic early childhood so I am coming to realize that the stress response got shifted on very early for me and became standard operating procedure. I have always felt kind of incompetent that I haven’t been able to “get control” of it in my life, try as I have for many, many years. I tried as hard as I could to stifle my feelings, but would end up like a little teapot and blow every so often. I’ve never been able to experience lasting victory, because I’ve never actually learned how to get rid of the stress response, but instead, I was just stuffing it so that it didn’t spill out… of course that doesn’t last very long! This course has literally been life changing for me. The holistic approach has really blown my mind! I never realized how many contributing factors there were. I also totally underestimated the “physiology” of it. I just thought I was kind of a weak person emotionally. I didn’t understand that I was dealing with basic physiology that was stacking the deck against me. Wow!!! I would HIGHLY recommend taking a course from you. This course really will make a difference in your life if you apply what you learn! Seriously life-changing! -Molly


Angela-150x150It absolutely was worth it. You have a beautiful way of shining through in your written marketing material (and the actual course material / videos / etc). Not to mention, you personally connect with us through video and groups. It’s clear that you truly want to help and want us to experience wellness at a different level. Best part of course: I have absolutely felt a shift in the way I’m living. (Like many) my budget & time is very limited and I don’t take signing up for this lightly but it has been a tremendous value for me.  ~ Angela


I loved the idea of focusing on the positive side instead of trying to get rid of the negative. It was so interesting to learn about the link between food, mood, stress and so many aspects of life! This course was really helpful…and offers down to earth ideas, things you can do everyday , little by little. ~Isabel I.


mmjI was unsure about taking this class as I have a very busy schedule and didn’t know how I was going to fit this in…but I was able to watch the videos and listen to the recordings of the calls on my own schedule. In addition to problems dealing with stress, I have been on a “downward spiral” in terms my health – depression, lack of exercise, poor diet, over eating. This class has shown me that small steps can really make a difference in the way I feel. I am learning to evaluate the things I eat for how they will make me feel not just now, but for the rest of the day. By trying the different challenges and steps that Lisa recommended I feel that I am starting to ”spiral upwards”. I have read a lot of diet/nutrition books over the years, but I have never found someone who puts all of the pieces together they way that Lisa does. I love the fact that she recommends small, positive, realistic changes that are doable. The presentations and materials are professional and well researched. All in all I have been very impressed and can’t wait to take another class. ~Julie M.


WG-flower1-150x150 (1)I’ll admit that I am a bit hard to impress simply because I have a BS in Dietetics and spent years in culinary school. You are the real deal! You are very credible in your own right and I learned a lot that I did not know – or was able to extend my own base knowledge. More than anything the course was practical – I learned how to implement these tactics which is what made it successful. The multi-media presentation was very effective too – I really noticed how much easier it was to wrap my mind around subjects when they came at me in different formats. This really helped me continue to provide healthy meals and really cut the kitchen time. It’s a beautiful gift to yourself and family.~ Jen


Virginie-150x150Your course and your style is definitively a great help on this path; your presence, your knowledge, your tools, your kindness, your encouragement, your smile, your words, your forum too, there’s a lot to be said about your work, and I am definitively THANKFUL! One thing which I find particularly great about your way, is the fact that you take mom’s problems as a whole. How to take care of oneself when you have your kids, your work, your family all requiring attention together? How to take a healthy path, when it’s not your family’s taste? You have experience and a deep comprehension of these things and that’s why your words are profound and clear. ~ Virginie