Do you *turn* on yourself?


Think of another mother you know personally, whom you love.

Maybe it’s a close friend…or someone in your own family. Think about what she does every day…how much of her time, attention, and love is poured out for her family.

Think about all the un-witnessed moments of her life where she gives without anyone ever knowing about it.

If you had a magic wand and could wish for her to experience something today, what would it be? 

More peace, more joy, spontaneous laughter, lightness, times of refreshment and renewal, a solitary hour on a hammock with a good book?

One wish…do you have it?

Now…turn that wish toward yourself.

Pause right here, and put your hand on your heart, and allow yourself to truly and deeply wish that toward yourself.

Sometimes I think we can go for so long being so focused on others needs we lose touch with what our heart desires.

I can find myself wishing for blessings of good to be on other mothers as I watch them live their beautiful, messy lives…but I often forget to turn those loving wishes for deeper blessings toward myself as well.

There is such healing when we, as women, begin to look inward with kindness and outward with compassion. It changes the world.