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Do you *turn* on yourself?

By |Soul Care and Inner Work|

Do you *turn* on yourself? Think of another mother you know personally, whom you love. Maybe it's a close friend...or someone in your own family. Think about what she does every much of her time, attention, and love is poured out for her family. Think about all the un-witnessed moments of her life where [...]

Year of Self Care Giveaway!

By |Promotions for Courses|

My dear friend and brilliant colleague, Renee Trudeau, is giving away a Year of Self Care! Woo hoo! Here's the lowdown. A beautiful mama in the WellGrounded Life community will win the Self Renewal Package which includes a copy of the beautifully illustrated, award winning books The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate [...]

Motherhood: How Breastfeeding and Weaning Affect Your Emotions

By |Mothering and Marriage, Well-Being and Vitality|

Motherhood: How Breastfeeding and Weaning Affect Your Emotions When I think of hormones, I think about the hormonal jungle I had to navigate as I made my way through pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding, and weaning. Looking back, what made these experiences all the more challenging was that they didn’t “look or feel” like anything I was [...]

Why we judge each other…

By |Soul Care and Inner Work|

Why we judge each other... There's nothing like the sting from feeling judged, is there? And it always hits a sensitive spot for me when I hear mothers judge each other. When I'm able to take a bird's eye view of it all, I see what may be happening. Because I know that when we [...]

Happiness is not a Goal

By |Soul Care and Inner Work|

Happiness is not a goal Recently I watched a really interesting TED talk by Jennifer Senior. She said a lot of smart, insightful things, that I'm still mulling around in my mind...but one point in particular I wanted to share. She noticed how often we make our children's happiness the goal. What parent hasn't said [...]

Which way do you figure out boundaries in the world?

By |Soul Care and Inner Work|

Which way do you figure out boundaries in the world? We're talking boundaries today.  I know how huge a topic this is, but I wanted to share a little theory I've been playing with lately around how I better understand myself and others. Specifically, in how we to figure out other people's boundaries in the [...]

5 Questions to Ask Before You Begin a Cleanse or Detox

By |Cleansing|

5 Questions to Ask Before You Begin a Cleanse or Detox I believe that a whole-foods short-term cleanse can be a hugely beneficial way to support your body, mood and mind. But I also believe that many people enter a cleanse when they shouldn't and their results and experience reflect that. Here are 5 questions [...]

Shift into Spring #5 – De-clutter

By |Cleansing|

Shift into Spring #5 - De-clutter Today brings our final Shift into Spring tip.  Now let's focus on how critical our home environment is to our cleansing experience. This shift has major-momentum-building power because outer clutter creates inner clutter … and inner clutter stops us in our tracks every time. I want you to think [...]

Shift into Spring #4 – Move

By |Cleansing|

Shift into Spring #4 - Move How are you feeling?  Lighter, calmer? Let's keep it going! Our 4th shift in this series is about creating spaciousness in our body. As the weather makes its transition into warmer and longer days, it's really the perfect time to get outside and take a daily walk. What if [...]

Shift into Spring #3 – Detox

By |Cleansing|

Shift into Spring #3 - Detox How was yesterday's shift for you?  Today, we'll keep up with this week's shifts (water and greens) and add another layer of detox for our skin. Your skin is not only the largest organ of your nervous system, but also a critical organ for detoxification. You can capitalize on this [...]