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Ever struggle with making decisions?

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If you’ve ever struggled with making a decision or tapping into clarity on which direction to go or wrestled with when to say Yes and when to say No...this video is for you. In the past couple weeks my team and I have been getting emails from moms who have questions about Replenish 365. Many [...]

What would be different if?….(and my gift to you…)

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I work with moms all over the world who come to me feeling tired, overwhelmed and stuck in a rut. One thing I know for absolutely sure is this: We aren't exhausted and spent because we are selfish people. Most of us end up walking around feeling haggard -- because we're so devoted to our [...]

Gratitude Cleanse: 7 Days of Quiet for the Soul

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Almost like clockwork, a week or two after the sugar-soaked Halloween stretch, I get an incredible urge to purge and cleanse ... does that happen to you, too? I start going through closets, organizing cabinets, sipping on detox tea, and eating crazy amounts of garlic and greens. For me it's a regular pattern once the [...]

Creativity in a Busy Life- 3 Part Video Series

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Oh how exactly do we keep our creative selves alive between the loads of laundry, the dinner prep, the schedule-on-steroids that dictate our days, the work, and the homework? And how can we ever really care for ourselves if we feel disconnected to who we are now in this season of our lives? These are [...]

Don’t fake the answer to this question…

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Don't fake the answer to this question... I have three kiddos all fairly close in age (7, 6, and 4 yrs old). Recently, my youngest, Brian, has started to "copy" everything my oldest, Jackson, wants. For example, before he says what flavor ice cream he wants, he has to know what Jackson has ordered. Before [...]

Replenish Read Along is Here!

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Just a little over a year ago, my first book, Replenish, was published and born into the world. And it felt like as soon as I announced it's arrival, I began to get requests. Specifically, requests for me to read it and record an audio version. In all honesty it seemed like the most obvious [...]

What’s more important than money?

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What's more important than money? I've said there was one question that helped me shift into a more vital relationship to money. That one question helped put money back into its (healthy) place...which is, for me, as a tool.  A tool that opens up opportunities for me to live a life that feels rich, meaningful and [...]

The Questions We Never Ask…

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The Questions We Never Ask... A couple weeks ago, I was getting pedicures and enjoying a night out with a few girlfriends. I hopped onto the pedicure chair next to my good friend, Shawn, and the first thing she said was, "I've got to tell you something." Backstory: Shawn is a very gifted writer but [...]

How do we navigate motherhood while pursuing our dreams

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In the process of working with so many mothers from all around the world, I’ve come to see that our generation is carving out a new way of mothering. As modern women, we are navigating the path of motherhood while seeking to honor our ambitions and passions... and in the process creating a whole new [...]

What frustration is telling you to do…

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What frustration is telling you to do... I want to share a bit about the nature of living a creative life as I understand it. I'm talking not about the "artistic" creative process, necessarily...but more the larger creative process we go through as we tackle the bigger questions around "What's Next" or how to become [...]